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Our counselors have a wide range of experience in treating daily life stress, to mood disorders, relational dysfunction, and trauma. No matter the struggle, there is hope!

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About Family Christian Counseling Center

Family Christian Counseling Center (FCCC) began on the Northwest side of Houston, Texas in 1992. Gary R. Lynn, a nationally certified, licensed professional counselor began the practice as a means to minister to those families and individuals suffering from the pain of loss, separation, and brokenness. With tens of thousands of hours of counseling behind him, Gary invited others to join him in serving others and helping them find healing.

Currently Family Christian Counseling Center has two locations – Houston, Texas and Cleveland, Tennessee – with multiple licensed professional counselors, with various educational and experiential backgrounds and specialties. However, despite the variety, and more important than all the years of experience and education, is the underlying faith that drives all the counselors and their methods of treatment.

Family Christian Counseling Center is firm in its belief that Christ-centered, bible based, professional counseling not only brings encouragement and hope, but is able to truly bring about self-awareness, healing, and restoration.

If you or anyone has asked questions like these –  

Why am I here?

Will I survive this ordeal?

Why do I have so much to do?

Why doesn’t _________ trust me?

Will my marriage make it?

Am I worthless like my __________ says?

Will the burden of ______________ever get lighter?

Will ____________ever forgive me?

Why won’t my children listen to me?

Why doesn’t my spouse desire me?

Is anyone on my side?

Where do I go from here?

There is hope!

Christ-centered counseling can help you gain the clear perspective you need while helping you –

  1. Find the keys to unlocking some answers to life-long difficulties that have hindered your spiritual and emotional growth.
  2. Improve your relationship with your spouse, children, family members, and friends.
  3. Live in the freedom that is yours to gain in Christ Jesus
  4. Experience true forgiveness, healing from deep emotional wounds, and guidance to the path towards restoration.
  5. Apply the Word of God to you and your family’s life in simple and practical ways.